Tips on how to Have Sex in a Car

Whether you are looking for a little extra closeness or a speedy get together, having sex within a car can be a fun and completely unique way to get steamy. But before you begin the task, it’s important to take some precautions to assure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The first step : Plan ahead

If you are planning to have sex in a car, first of all you need to do can be scope out a place that’s remote enough for your good encounter. Avoid areas with huge traffic and where there may always be children or adults around who would believe that it is offensive.

Choose a suitable vehicle

For optimum results, use a truck or SUV when your partner generates one. They offer more area and better positions to get down, particularly in the passenger seating.

Reverse cowgirl position

The sex situation that’s most well-known is called ‘cowgirl, ‘ and it works superb in the car. You straddle your partner’s clapboard while facing them, afterward lean back again against the dash and mountain slowly and gently.

A less common sex spot is called’reverse cowgirl, ‘ and it’s similar idea but turned — you happen to be facing your spouse from at the rear of. This is the most suitable choice should you possess limited space in your car and it can also be done from entrance or back seat.

But before you start, Conflict recommends washing the car as best you are able to. Trash, rotting food and other debris can easily dampen the mood and make it much harder for you to offer an intimate experience.