Is Rio Safe? A lot more than you think!

Oh, I so hate it when the reception staff is judgmental. It’s even worse when you get the feeling this judgemental attitude came with the job description and everybody has it. But I feel it my duty to say that Brazil is not just Rio de Janeiro, there are many other incredibly beautiful states, and kind people.

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  • However, I don’t feel safe in parts of New York and Miami either.
  • Ways to Get AroundBrowse the various transportation options to make your trip that much easier when you arrive.
  • Armed assaults rarely happen in places such as Ipanema and Copacabana during the day; mostly, the thieves are opportunists and are looking for an easy robbery.
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  • We spent a lot of last year in the Balkans where people come across as a bit rougher.

Brazilians tend to work very hard and often have more than one job, so there are often people on the street. Rio is a WONDERFUL city, and safety is generally a matter of common sense. Yes, bad stuff goes on but if you are used to living in any big city and are not from some crime-free village in Switzerland, you will be fine if you pay attention to your surroundings and DRESS DOWN .

Comuna was at the forefront of this move and nowadays serves homemade burgers with delicious caipirinhas and chilled beers. This bar is one of the most popular in Botafogo and gets crowded on weekends so it’s best to arrive early. The vibe here is casual, attracting the local hipster and alternative scene. Most main meals are served withrice and black beansso expect hearty, filling foods with meat or fish. Thefeijoadais a source of national pride and worth trying – perhaps leave an hour for a food-induced nap afterward. Being such an active and on-the-go city, Rio has a selection of great snacks such as pao de queijo (cheese bread made with cassava flour so it’s gluten-free), açai, pies and pastels. The best pastels are found at the farmers’ market on the weekend and are served with sugarcane juice.

I’d be interested in understanding why South American culture so much more violent than SE Asia when so many issues similar. Just spent 5 weeks in Brazil, including about 10 days in Rio.

It’s a cultural thing, they’re kind of bad humored, and you just can know the kindness after a while or more. Well, Im brazilian, I think that cariocas are not so polite. But its Hard to say about People while you talk about a big country and you visited a few places.

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I can see how blending in would overcome a lot of the feelings of sticking out that I felt. The way you describe it sounds pretty good 🙂 The previous commenter had also mentioned that they enjoyed Brazil much more the 2nd time around after having learned a bit of Portuguese. I’m brazilian, use to travel around as much as possible and unfortunately have to agree with you. Rio has one of the most beautiful views In the world but their people has no preparation to receive foreigners and tourists. The other side, as a brazilian again, I know the idea of happy and smiling brazilians are not real, specially in Rio.

Have you been to Rio? What was your experience?

In Brazil you get all the hassles plus rude and unpleasant behavior. We got in our swimsuits and went up to the rooftop swimming pool. They had a bartender up there who came up to us. Within 5 seconds he had given me a dismissive glance while at the same time fixating his eyes on Lissette’s cleavage. You don’t blatently stare at a girlfriend’s/wife’s boobs right in front of a guy, that’s disrespect of the highest order. Especially when you’re paying $260/night to stay in their hotel. I got my revenge back when he delivered the drinks, smiling up at him while giving him the smallest tip in history.

Other than that it was pretty safe, I went of public buses in the day and had no problems but we made to stay indoors at night, only on the odd occasion we left the hotel to go for a evening meal. I would say though that service overall is pretty bad … too laidback and quite unfriendly. Cariocas though, if you meet them on the street and have a chance to have a conversation, are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever come across. Politically aware, interested in other cultures, and never-endingly helpful. Unfortunately, Copacabana and Ipanema are major tourist hotspots, and likely many of the Brazilians you encountered may be tourists as well and not local. I am from Brazil and I want to say to you that I would NEVER go to Rio de Janeiro, I live in a small city in the state of São Paulo and I like the place I live.

Brazil went through a period of rapid economic growth between 2001 and 2011. Per capita GDP rose from $3,000 to $13,000 as the country became the world’s sixth-largest economy. This economic boom led to over 20 million new jobs, higher employment rates, and greater incomes for both women and men. The resulting increase in women’s earnings encouraged families to decrease women’s unpaid care work responsibilities in a variety of ways, including redistributing care work among family members. The government’s Bolsa Familia program provides cash payments to poor families who make sure their children attend school and receive regular health check-ups.

All of them are very positive creatures who don’t sit in a bad mood for long and seek to cheer up their close ones when they’re low. This trait makes Brazilian women stand out for real from other Latin women. “There is a lot of violence here and women are frightened to take action,” says Nubia Felix de Jesus, aged 18. She is one of 25 young women in the favela of Complexo do Alemão who are being trained as community trainers in the use of the online tool in 10 favelas. If you do hire a car in Rio, keep your doors locked and windows closed whilst driving. If you’re driving at night, you will notice most cars don’t stop at red lights if the roads are empty. This isn’t bad driving – it is actually tolerated in Rio at night as it avoids potential theft while waiting at the traffic lights.